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Computer Fundamentals – Objective Questions and Answers – AaoSikhen

June 5, 2019

Most important computer fundamental objective multiple choice questions and answer with online test quiz

Computer Online Test Series

Computer Fundamentals Multiple Choices Questions and Answer Quiz


  • Total number of questions : 30
  • Each question carry 1 mark, no negative marks.
  • DO NOT refresh the page.
  • All the best :-).

1. Who is the father of Computers ?
(a) Charles Babbage(b) Lady Augusta
(c) Paul Smith(d) Bill Gates
Answer – (a) Charles Babbage
2. Which of the following is the processing unit of the Computer?
(a) CPU(b) Memory
(c) Graphic Card(d) Mother Board
Answer – (a) CPU (Central Processing Unit)
3. Which of the following device comprise the input devices?
(a) Keyboard(b) Mouse
(c) Both 1 and 2(d) Only 1
Answer – (c) Both 1 and 2 (Keyboard, Mouse)
4. Which of the following devices comprise the output Unit ?
(a) Control Unit(b) Visual Display Unit
(c) HDD & FDD(d) RAM & ROM
Answer – (b) Visual Display Unit (VDU)
5. What are the components of the Central Processing Unit ?
(a) Control Unit (CU)(b) ALU
(c) Memory(d) All of these
Answer – (d) All of these
6. Which of the following comprise the hardware components of the computer ?
(a) Printer(b) Keyboard
(c) Mouse(d) All of these
Answer – (d) All of these
7. Which of the following comprise the software components of a computer ?
(a) Programs(b) Keyboard
(c) BIOS(d) Memory
Answer – (a) Programs
8. Which of the following characteristics of computer ?
(a) Speed(b) Accuracy
(c) Versatility(d) All of these
Answer – (d) All of these
9. Who is considered as the father of the computer ?
(a) Lady Ada(b) Lord Kelvin
(c) Bill Gates(d) Charles Babbage
Answer – (d) Charles Babbage
10. A Keyboard is an …………… device
(a) Input device(b) Output device
(c) Storage device(d) None of these
Answer – (a) Input Device
11. IT stands for -
(a) Information Technology(b) Integrated Technology
(c) Intelligent Technology(d) Interesting Technology
Answer – (a) Information Technology
12. Which is the fastest, biggest & most expensive computers ?
(a) Personal Computers(b) Super Computer
(c) Notebooks(d) Laptops
Answer – (b) Super Computers
13. Which part of the computer helps to store information ?
(a) Disk Drive(b) Keyboard
(c) Monitor(d) Printer
Answer – (a) Disk Drive
14. Which of the groups consist of only output devices ?
(a) Scanner, Printer, Monitor
(b) Keyboard, Monitor, Scanner
(c) Mouse, Monitor, Printer
(d) Printer, Monitor, Plotter
Answer – (d) Printer, Monitor, Plotter
15. The rectangular area of the computer screen that displays a program, data & information is a 
(a) Title bar(b) Windows
(c) Button(d) Dialog box
Answer – (b) Windows
16. An error is also known as -
(a) Bug(b) Debug
(c) Icon(d) Cursor
Answer – (a) Bug
17. Which is the part of a computer that one can touch and feel ?
(a) Hardware(b) Software
(c) Output(d) Programs
Answer – (a) Hardware
18. Father of 'C' Programming Language
(a) Dennis Ritchie(b) Jhon Kemeny
(c) Bill Gates(d) Thomas Kurtz
Answer – (a) Dennis Ritchie
19. COBOL is widely used in Applications
(a) Mathematical(b) Commercial
(c) Space(d) Scientific
Answer – (b) Commercial
20. SMPS Stands for -
(a) Switched mode power supply(b) Store mode power supply
(c) Single mode power supply(d) Start mode power supply
Answer – (a) Switched mode power supply
21. 1 Terabyte (TB) is equal to -
(a) 1024 MB(b) 1024 GB
(c) 1024 PB(d) 1024 KB
Answer – (b) 1024 GB
22. URL stands for -
(a) Uniform Resource Locator(b) United Resource Locator
(c) Uniform Resource Locator(d) None of these
Answer – (a) Uniform Resource Locator
23. Which of the following is the largest unit of Storage?
(a) MB(b) GB
(c) TB(d) KB
Answer – (c) TB (Tera Byte)
24. Pascal -
(a) is type of computer(b) is a computer OS
(c) is a unit of computer(d) is computer language
Answer – (d) Computer Language
25. A web site's main page is called its -
(a) Home Page(b) Browser Page
(c) Internet Page(d) Search Page
Answer – (a) Home Page
26. ....……. Command we can use to close the windows.
(a) Alt + F1(b) Alt + S
(c) Alt + End(d) Alt + F4
Answer – (d) Alt + F4
27. Full form of CSV is ………..
(a) Colon separated value(b) Combined Signal Value
(c) Comma Separated value(d) Control separated value
Answer – (c) Comma Separated Value
28. In computing, 1 nibbles is equal to -
(a) 4 bits(b) 4 bytes
(c) 8 KB(d) 8 bytes
Answer – (a) 4 bits
29. ENIAC was
(a) An electronic calculator(b) An memory device
(c) An electronic digital computer(d) an engine
Answer – (c) an electronic digital computer
30. First super computer developed in India is -
(a) PARAM(b) Aryabhatt
(c) Buddha(d) RAM
Answer – (a) PARAM



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